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Ruby Tuesday with China Writers' Group: Caren Black, Dr. Kwan Lee, Eric Arnow and Jeff J. Brown

China Writers' Group: your one-stop brain shop for understanding our reality behind the West's Big Lie Propaganda Machine headlines!

Video: an oft-seen look at a local park, this one in Lianzhou, Guangdong (广东连州), but not a typical park. This one has been in continuous existence since the Tang Dynasty (600-900AD)! At 539 meters above sea level, with nearby mountains up to 1,700m, scholars, poets and artists from the coastal towns came here to cool off during the summer and monsoons.

These days, citizens singing, dancing, playing instruments and card games is common, often with children and picnics. Chinese parks are usually clean, well-maintained and the people well-dressed for their outings. The red signboard at end lists the 12 Core Socialist Values, which are ubiquitous across the country.

The last half shows a panorama of famous writers and philosophers, from 9th century BC to 11th century AD, a 2,000-year timeline, that graces each side of the entrance. Everyday citizens know about this great minds. They are venerated, taught, cited and read to this day. How many Westerners know about and read their many wonderful ancient scholars? Why not? Just asking.

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Caren Black

Our Bill of Self-Reliance (

Dr. Kwan Lee

The 2024 CHINA-RUSSIA joint Statement on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for A NEW ERA or THE NEW WORLD ORDER as upheld by Russia and China – SEEK TRUTH FROM FACTS FOUNDATION

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Jeff J. Brown

Chinese cities dominate the global billionaire list. The difference is in China, they answer to Baba Beijing. In the West, the governments take orders from them. And that makes all the difference for their 99 percents! – SEEK TRUTH FROM FACTS FOUNDATION

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