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Understanding American Totalitarianism and Hegemony in 3 minutes


Note before starting: I do not know who this man is, but he speaks truth to evil so succinctly, so powerfully, it gives you goosebumps. If anybody can identify him, please leave a comment. I’d love to have him on my show.



Everyone in the world knows that the Israelis do not follow any rules of war. And we all know that the United States doesn't follow any rules of war either. I don't think there's a torturer in the world who didn't learn it from you, who didn't learn it from the appropriately named School of the Americas. Look that up, too, if you don't know.

America and its allies have a long and blood-soaked history. The United States and Europe have been like ships sailing on a sea of blood. The blood of Africa, the blood of Latin America, the blood of the Middle east and the blood of Asia. And you even had us in the bottom of that ship rowing like galley slaves. You are nothing but pirates. Like I said, nothing makes that clearer today than your behavior towards Gaza, your stance on Palestine.

I don't think that there's been a genocide that you didn't support. From Congo to California, from the Philippines to Palestine, you didn't even fight the Nazis to stop the Holocaust. That was just your retroactive rationale. It wasn't the millions of Jews. It was 2,000 marines at Pearl harbor that got you into the war. At Pearl Harbor, a military base on yet another territory colonized by the United States. And in response to that, you carpet bombed civilians in Germany. You murdered 80,000 innocent people in an instant in Hiroshima and another 40,000 at Nagasaki in an instant, all in so-called self-defense.

You make up the rules as you go. You always have. And then, even then, the rules that you make up on the fly, you still don't even follow those. That's because you're violent. You are violent, and you believe in violence. What was that that Netanyahu said? We're the People of The Light: bombing women and babies, hospitals, churches dropping white phosphorus on people to burn their skin off, blowing up entire city blocks of innocent civilians.

That's the People of The Light. You think that your violence is sacred. You think it's holy, sanctified atrocities. The more wanton, the more savage, the more beautiful and inspiring it is to you. Because you think that the more violent you are, and the more you're able to get away with that violence, the more it means that you're justified, the more it means that you are superior. And the superior always have the right to do whatever they want, don't they? No matter how sadistic it is. No matter how sadistic and how evil it is, if you can get away with it, if you can get away with being sadistic and evil, then you think it's proof of your superiority.

And anyone who opposes you or expects you to follow any kind of rules is committing the ultimate crime of questioning your superiority. You're the people of the light, after all. And anyone who expects you to act like a normal, decent, law-abiding human being, they must be people of the darkness. And when you say Israel has the right to defend itself, what you're really saying is they have the right to defend their supremacy, and no one has the right to challenge it. That's what you're really saying. Everyone in the world knows.