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Thomas talks AI, Ramin on "EU-icide", Pepe on Western genocide, Metallicman on humanity's zeitgeist and Jeff takes you on a little Sino-trip.

China Writers' Group is your one-stop brain shop for understanding our reality behind the West's Big Lie Propaganda Machine headlines!

Video: one aspect of Guangdong Province’s Danxia Mountain UNESCO Geopark. A staggering statistic: 94% of the Chinese live on 56% of the land, hugging its eastern and southern coastlines, along with the Changjiang River (Yangtze) basin. I wrote in The China Trilogy how, travelling out west I often felt like the last person on Earth, hard as it is to believe.

China has the most number UNESCO World Heritage Nature sites, 14, the USA #2 with 12. I have been lucky to visit a good number of them in both countries. People take for granted that America has stunning vistas, especially in the Western half of the country. Most figure that with 1.4 billion people, four times that of the USA in the same land area, China doesn’t have room for vast expanses of natural wonders, but they are wrong. Danxia is in Guangdong Province, the same size as Missouri, USA or Belarus, Europe. Guangdong has 127 million people. However, after leaving Shenzhen (pop. 17,000,000) and going north of Guangzhou, the capital of 20,000,000 citizens, we drove hundreds of kilometers north and east over two weeks and huge stretches were wild, mountainous forests of pine, bamboo and deciduous trees, as far as the eye could see! Bon voyage…

Jeff on the streets and roads with the Chinese people.

Dr. T.P. Wilkinson

From Servant to Master? The New Boss in Town. Welcome The Rise of AI - Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization


Ramin Mazaheri

Ramin’s Substack
The ‘EU-icide’: Emmanuel Todd asks if it’s suicide or homicide?
(This is the 4th part in a multipart series on Emmanuel Todd’s political it-book of the moment The Defeat of the West (La Defaite de l’Occident).) Maybe Todd’s book is starting to be read in Ukraine? Zelensky’s former advisor and presumed main challenger Oleksiy Arestovich is either reading Todd, or Todd just knows what he’s talking about when he wrote th…
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Pepe Escobar

Supporting genocide to halt multipolarity

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