I recently read “The Soviet Experiment” by Matthew Raphael Johnson – it has my recommendation.

(let’s not get caught up with labels – ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ depend on whose hands they are in for their ‘characteristics’ – as with ‘fascism’ (I don’t like Madeleine Albright’s concept))

This is also of topical interest …

• This Book Will Give You Nightmares: Stalin - The Court of the Red Tsar (2004) – Simon Sebag Montefiore

Parts 1 and 2


Much quantitative information here but a few subjective obfuscations.

Crap!! yewtube is systematically removing ‘sensitive’ truths – here is part 1 on Archive


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James opens with reference to the COVID Hoax.

After initial doubts, I am currently invested in the following podcast/documentary series

• The End of COVID


Crikey it is superb! A complete wrap up of the COVID Hoax. I had never heard of most of the participants - they are (almost) all incredibly well informed, professional and sincere.

The series is being rolled out in blocks of several hours her day (around 100 hours in total apparently). Free viewing as they roll out the episodes before going behind a paywall from August 1. But the subscription for permanent access seems quite reasonable - I am considering.

FYI only.

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I haven't even read it yet, but thanks for providing a transcript. The podcast would be useless to me without it.

Sadly, most of Substack and all of Alternative Media, Rumble etc all, won't be bothered.

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