Very sad to see this deceived young fellow.

It's hard to fathom how anyone can give any credence to the ravings and delusions of Karl Marx who claimed to be able to predict the future based on what he called "the iron laws of history."

How did this miserable failure in life Marx unravel "the iron laws of history?"

Essentially, the same way that Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society, the famous occultist and author of "The Rise of Isis" unravelled the existence of "auras", i.e. through no actual scientific method but just by contemplating her navel.

Marxism's appeal to a psychotic, murderous peronality like Lenin is transparent.

Marxism provided Lenin and people like him with the pretense of some kind of philosophical basis for them to seize total power over superior people and to indulge all of their envy and cruelty by killing them.

This rather attractive and intelligent youth doesn't give any appearance of being cut from the psychotic cloth of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Castro and Pol Pot. This is what causes one to feel for him a sorrowful compassion and to hope that he will change his mind.

As was always predictable, maxism has been a complete, total failure.

It has uttterly failed and harmed every society it has managed to get in its grip.

So sad that this young fellow has been so misled.

He appears to be better than that.

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Apparently, he agrees to disagree with you.

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Mr. Brown: I enjoy talking with people who disagree with me. I prefer that to living in an echo chamber of those who share my views...unlike most Americans who seem to feel threatened if someone disagrees with them.

But Communists like Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Ulbricht, Caecescu,, Castro, Pol Pot...have they ever tolerated disagreement?

Isn't the record clear that Communists cannot tolerate opposition...for the reason IMO that their religion (and it is a religion - faith based, not fact based) is an absurdity and, as fantasies and delusions often do, Communism leads to slaughter as we have seen with the Kronstadt soldiers in 1921 in St. Petersburg, the dekulakization in the entire Soviet Union (not just Ukraine) that cost millions of lives, the Katyn Forest murders of the Polish offices) and so on.

And what do the Communists have to show for their brutalities?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, we learned that after 3 generations and after soaking the soil of Russia with the blood of millions of people, the gross national product achieved by the Communists was smaller than that of the Netherlands.

Orwell hit the nail on the head when he said that such people "think in slogans and speak in bullets.

This youth does not seem to share the hate-filled, envy-driven, psychotic personalities of Communists.

He is wasting himself on a ludicrous, indefensible and utterly discredited philosophy.

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Sam, may I suggest several references to expand your horizons?

All of Grover Furr's books on the Stalin Era (I've read three),


Our interview,

Everything you know about Russia and the USSR is a lie. Dr. Grover Furr interviews on China Rising Radio Sinoland 180818


An indirect book review I did,


Irina Crutcher Boyko’s running blog in English: critical articles, comments and analysis about the USSR and Russia, now on China Rising Radio Sinoland.


The Mao Encyclopedia for Dummies. Updated and it's all here: books, articles, movies, visuals. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240103


Happy reading and researching!


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Rainer Shea on the way up. My man. Proud of him 100 percent. Been following him a few years now.

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