I enjoyed Dr Wilkinson's 2019 talk with Jeff as going into wonderful detail about Dr. Wilkinson's understanding of empire, education, economy etc. Dr TP Wilkinson, philosopher-poet extraordinaire, on China Rising Radio Sinoland 190513 interview by Jeff J. Brown 13May’19 1h31m34s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJW4PLStado

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Thanks for sharing this, Douglas! Thomas is really special.

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Jeff, I'm impressed by TP Wilkinson's clear understanding of the Dumbing-down of our false imperial system of Education along with many other insights in your 2019 interview impressive. My question about China's possible role in leading the world in a model of economic resolution to Gaza & Palestine is sincere? Your insights would be most appreciated. Thanks for all you do.

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Jeff, Thanks for the introduction to Dr TP Wilkinson.

I have 4 China-Palestine-Israel questions, which I imagine you (perhaps Dr. Wilkinson as well) have been wrestling with.

My first reaction to Israel's ongoing (120 years) genocide against Palestinians is hoping for a sophisticated foreign intervention to protect Palestinians. Russia's protection SVO of Russian speakers in east & south Ukraine, leaves it completely occupied. Only China has the technical & intelligence capacity to intervene, but is very unlikely to do so militarily.

1) Is there a movement within China to work with Islamic nations, including its own ~20 million person Muslim population, India, & Russia to organize economically for supporting Palestinian life & stopping Israeli murder?

2) What precipitous effect can China as an economic nurturing intervenor, as well as a non-military-interventionist worldwide, have on supporting Palestine's restoration as a state & stopping Israel for its xenophobic killing ?

3) Can China have an impact or influence, in this economic regard, on freezing racist apartheid Ashkenazi (Some-of-my-family-in-three-branches) violence?

4) Can such an economic intervention be timely enough to stop Israel's killing & genocide (UN definition = removing people from or destroying their means of livelihood plus Settler & State murder) of some 250 Gazan & West Bank people per day?

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Thanks, Douglas for some great questions.

Unfortunately, I don't have much optimism in answering them. Even though the UN is totally bastardized by NATO, China, Russia and all the other anti-imperial countries believe in its ideals and protocols.

As long as the US, Britain and France can veto/abstain any vote in the Security Council, with impunity, there is not much the other two permanent members, China and Russia can do, other than work back channel.

It does not help that KSA and the other Gulf monarchies are back channel working hand-in-hand with Israel to keep it supplied overland with food and materiel.


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Thanks Jeff, I'm not so interested in the immediate, but more your take or the take of others in your contact list, who might help describe China's advanced Economic intervention practices for building livelihood capacities & peace, even in times of malfeasance like Israel is engaged in. In the end economics are more powerful & persuasive as well as more lasting & beneficial than politics & military. Do you have access to these kinds of Economic Practitioners from China or other world leaders, perhaps with some reflections on applications for Palestine & putting Israel Oligarchs in check?

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Just received this,


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China’s Ma Xinmin UN Ambassador, lays out the clear inalienable right of Palestinians as Occupied People to Armed Resistance against 'Ashkenazi' (Some-of-my-family in 3 branches) Israeli encroachment.


If only China would take the next step & act as nuclear & intelligence systems guarantors for Palestinian sovereignty via Islamic military intervenors. China would employ its nuclear & military intelligence systems to guarantee Islamic nation military forces as Palestinian territory intervenors, would not have their forces nuked by Israel, Britain, France or the USA.

I've come to appreciate how the Torah, Talmud, Old-&-New Testament Bibles & Koran are all Propaganda books of Oligarch indoctrination justifying & glorifying Colonial conquest for World control, since Babylon.

Oligarch fake 'money' (Greek 'mnemosis' = 'memory') 'amnesia' issuers have been strategizing for economic, political & world dominance through money in every empire, they have mismanaged & destroyed for 7000 years now. According to the UN's extensive genetic studies in the 'Out-of-Africa' series of studies, many billions of people have ancestry who have lived in or passed through Palestine-Israel. The holy sacredness of this place is the stewardship obligation of its inhabitants to be welcoming & economically inclusive to travelers, traders & refugees. Palestinians honoured this responsibility, welcoming, protecting & succoring Ashkenazi refugees until the nefarious conquest plans became apparent. Ashkenazi as violent occupiers have not honoured this sacred duty.

Palestine-Israel is LAND-BRIDGE between the Mega-Continents of Eurasia & Africa, coveted by Oligarchs as the place of 'exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') command & control of people, resources & products for World Control.

All humanity's worldwide 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') ancestors cultivated personal & local ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY as a foundation for

peace & prosperity among all people as well as for Political Democracy as a subset. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/c-relational-economy/8-economic-democracy

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