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Exposé: Make no mistake, the Two Michaels, Canada’s Kovrig and Spavor were caught red-handed spying against China and Korea - here is all you need to know. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211230

Merry Maomas! Mao Zedong was born 128 years ago today. Whether you realize it or not, he changed your life forever. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211226

Jeff Brown: France-Australia Submarine Collapse Brainchild of Biden | Farsnews Agency

The Two Michaels, Canada’s Kovrig and Spavor, Caught Red-Handed Spying Against China and North Korea. By Jeff J. Brown on CovertAction Magazine

Get or give "The China Trilogy", print or e-books, AND the best little English grammar handbook on Planet Earth!

Following China-Tech and its modern-day allegory Huawei, you will be gob smacked at how this country is zooming past the West in all phases – and it started in 1949, with Mao Zedong.

US diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics: Jeff J. Brown invited by Sputnik News to offer comments. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211208

WTA bends over, grabs it ankles for Western empire, in support of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine fake news about Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai.

What REALLY happened with the collision of the USS Connecticut in the South China Sea. By Metallicman, on China Rising Radio Sinoland 211128

Two outstanding exposés about JFK's assassination, an interview and the story of someone who was there, as a follow-up to my post on 22 November, by Cynthia Chung, Ed Curtin and Jim Glover.

Why John F. Kennedy was killed by the deep state in America's first coup d'état. Special featured chapter from Book #2 of The China Trilogy, "China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations".

Women’s Tennis Association and the West will make a mess of Peng Shuai’s disappearance – as usual. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211119

Neil McCoy-Ward can be forgiven for getting everything wrong about China in his video. He’s another member of the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine brainwashed masses. I should know. I used to be one.

A look back on the canceled Franco-Australian submarine contract and what it means for France and China. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211111

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: “China in the Classics” (English subtitles), as explained by Dr. Quan Le. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211108

Why would countries not support fighting racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia on the world stage? Most Western countries say NO! Are you surprised? I’m not. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211105

Thanks to the USA and Canada, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou will forever be a national heroine to all citizens of the Chinese Nation. These two clips have been watched billions of times across the country.

With the West’s new Vim Crow laws, I’m now a Vegro and for €23, I can be an honorary Vite for 72 hours. It’s Vapartheid in Faschofrance. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211029

Let’s compare Chinese headlines to the West’s. It’s like looking at the world from two different universes. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211026


How did France and Britain extend World War I until Germany was finally exhausted? It was thanks to the Chinese Labor Corps – up to 180,000 strong supporting the front lines.

Xi Jinping is announcing to the world that Taiwan will be peacefully reunited with the Motherland. War is unnecessary. Here is how Baba Beijing could likely succeed. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211016

Frans Vandenbosch shares his years of experience in China and his wonderful book, "Statecraft and Society in China: Grassroots politics in China". China Rising Radio Sinoland 211013

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: “Three Kingdoms”, Episode 34 (2010, English subtitles), as explained by Dr. Quan Le. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211010

“我们制造了非典SARS病毒. 并且我们在2002年4月19日申请了专利,当时亚洲还没有爆发任何疫情” 大卫·马丁于2021年7月9日在德国科罗纳调查委员会作证. 视频和笔录。崛起的中国电台中国210907

From Mao to Xi and Zhou to Li, the Communist Party of China (CPC) offers its 1.4 billion citizens real people’s democracy, leading with the motto, “SERVE THE PEOPLE”!

Happy Birthday to the Chinese People! Their communist liberation on 1 October 1949 changed the world forever and for MUCH better. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211001

Was Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou set free by Ottawa, because Canada got snubbed by the USA for its controversial anti-China alliance with the UK and Australia, “AUKUS”? Trudeau just got reelected PM.

USA is falling apart at the seams and nobody seems to care. Eurangloland is hot on its collapsing heels. Yet, China is a speeding infrastructure-and-technology bullet racing into the 22nd century

Short statement: Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is free. Uncle Sam blinked first and lost. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210925 

I can't keep up! Baba Beijing and the Chinese Nation are so unstoppably prolific with high-tech, innovation, invention, infrastructure, space and military, that I've created a hyperlink library

Beijing Slams 'Despicable Action' to Ban Chinese Ambassador From British Parliament. Jeff J. Brown of China Rising Radio Sinoland contributes to Sputnik News.

“We made SARS. And we patented it on 19/4/2002, before there was any alleged outbreak in Asia”: David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021. AV+transcript.

HSBC Exposé in Chinese: 汇丰银行,是加拿大法庭上无人提及的,如同800磅重的大猩猩般的沉重的司法负担,压在了华为首席财务官孟晚舟肩膀上。 崛起的中国210913

Mao Zedong died 45 years ago today. He made the world a much better, safer place for all of us. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210909

Exposé: HSBC is the 800-pound gorilla in the Canadian courtroom that no one is talking about - the judicial incubus weighing on Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s shoulders. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210904

Les secrets sales et sombres du Jour J en France, le 6 juin 1944, avec des antécédents cruciaux de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale en Chine et au Japon. Chine Rising Radio Sinoland 210606

Yousef M. Aljamal on the amazing nexus between the Irish and Palestinian struggles for liberation, in his and Norma Hasim's book-"A Shared Struggle: Stories of Palestinian and Irish Hunger Strikers"

Can Kamala Harris' Anti-China Rhetoric on Asian Trip Boost US Credibility After Afghan Fiasco? Jeff J. Brown of China Rising Radio Sinoland contributes to Sputnik News.

HSBC is the 800-pound Gorilla in the Canadian Courtroom that No One is Talking About—the Judicial Incubus Weighing on Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s Shoulders. By: Jeff J. Brown, CovertAction Magazine.

I am selling off my print copies of two "China Trilogy" books for only €5 each: "China Rising" and "China Is Communist Dammit!". CHEAP shipping worldwide, while limited supplies last!

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: "Daming Palace" (Palace of Great Brightness) documentary (2013, with English subtitles), with a focus on Emperor Wu Zetian, as explained by Dr. Quan Le.

“The Clash of Two Americas, the Unfinished Symphony”, a book by Matthew Ehret. Reviewed by David William Pear.

Irina Crutcher Boyko's running blog in English: critical articles, comments and analysis about the USSR and Russia, now on China Rising Radio Sinoland.

Mobo Gao talks about his latest book, "Gao Village Revisited". Audiovisual interview and full written transcript. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210808

English/中文:HSBC docs show Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s detention is a geopolitical kidnapping/汇丰银行的新证据清楚地显示,华为首席财务官孟晚舟在加拿大被美国强迫拘留2.5年,从那天起,这件事就成了地缘政治的帝国绑架.

Two outstanding, fully researched exposés on the US's use of germ warfare during the Korean War, by Tom Powell and Jeff Kaye. It still matters today.

Moti Nissani marvels us with three incredibly thought provoking discussions: 1) the Fermi Paradox and Extinction, 2) Direct Democracy, 3) Bank Cartel’s Death Spiral for Humanity

TRANSCRIPTS: Beijing to Berlin Pt. 1: Dj Zhao's music of cross-cultural revolution, Africa and communism + Pt. 2: Leo He Zhao’s amazing synthesis of humanity, politics and their music.

New HSBC evidence clearly shows Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s 2.5-year, US-forced detention in Canada has been a geopolitical, imperial kidnapping from day one. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210704

English / 中文 : Dirty, dark secrets of D-Day France, 6 June 1944 / 法国D日肮脏和黑暗的秘密,发生在1944年6月6日

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: "The Founding of a Republic" (English subtitles), as explained by Dr. Quan Le

English-Chinese: 华为仍然是西方绝望地努力地想摧毁中华民族但是注定要失败的完美故事:最新报道。中国科技新闻快讯-Huawei continues to be the perfect allegory for why the West’s desperate efforts to destroy the Chinese nation are doomed to fail.

David Pear discusses all his research and reading about who and why WWI was started, then prolonged. MSM and your textbooks are all lies. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210621

Godfree Roberts discusses his new book, "Why China Leads the World: Talent at the Top, Data in the Middle, Democracy at the Bottom", using a unique time frame format. China Rising Radio Sinoland

Huawei and the Chinese people are forever in West’s imperial crosshairs. As Huawei goes, China goes. Both are unstoppable, no matter how desperate Eurangloland gets.

Dirty, dark secrets of D-Day France, 6 June 1944, with crucial background in World War II China and Japan. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210606

Everything you need to know about the Tiananmen Square protests on 4 June 1989

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: "Qin Dynasty Epic" (English subtitles), Episode 12, as explained by Dr. Quan Le. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210525

Zain Khan, host of the Tactical Talk Show, talks with Matthew Ehret and Jeff J. Brown about multipolarism, Asia, China and Russia, vis-à-vis the West. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210522

Western empire never sleeps. Let's take a look at Cuba and Palestine...

TRANSCRIPT: Pepe Escobar joins Jeff J. Brown for a great conversation about the US, EU, China, Russia, Iran and DPRK, plus MUCH more. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210331

Huawei continues to be the perfect allegory for why the West’s desperate efforts to destroy the Chinese nation are doomed to fail: the latest reports. China Tech News Flash #103

Chinese Film Culture and History Series: "The Legend of Chu and Han", Episode 41, as explained by Dr. Quan Le. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210429

Dan Yaseen, Radio 88.1 KFCF interviews Jeff J. Brown on the latest news about China vs. the West, and the new "Asian Quad". Speaking Truth to Empire and China Rising Radio Sinoland 210426

Two super-informative, China-focused book reviews about 1) Huawei and 2) the mid-20th century

East and West: Richard Miller in Thailand discusses Roman Stoicim and longtime monk Eric Arnow asks, "Are Buddhism and Communism compatible"? Two great cross-cultural audio/visual interviews.

Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret of Rising Tide Foundation discuss with Jeff J. Brown his book, "BIG Red Book on China": Parts 1 and 2. China Rising Radio Sinoland

Pepe Escobar joins Jeff J Brown for a great conversation about the US, EU, China, Russia, Iran and DPRK, plus MUCH more. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210331

China v West