From what I have read excess deaths in 2020 during the height of the "pandemic" there was no increase in excess deaths compared to prior years. Flu deaths dropped to almost zero during the same period. Increased excess deaths started with the distribution of the experimental gene altering injections done to the western world. In spite of the billions spent to discover and attempts to develop contagious pathogens, there hasn't been any real success. They have altered their tactics from using a contagious pathogen, since they haven't been able to come up with anything that is deadly enough or contagious enough, to using the fear that there is a deadly and highly contagious pathogen in order to stampede the masses into taking toxic injections that will do the killing and sterilizing. A number of doctors and scientists have scoured the world for any research that shows that viruses exist or that bacteria are contagious and pathogenic but they haven't found any. Terror is all that is needed to get the masses to submit. No real threat of either disease or anything else is needed to trigger unconditional surrender of the useless eaters. Attempts to create a deadly pathogen needs to stop but so far all the uproar and focus on whether or not the "virus" is natural or synthetic is a red herring. The PCR test is central to the terror campaign. If people don't take the PCR test and don't take the injections and don't go to the hospitals this phase of the coup will wither and die.

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Craig, thank you for your excellent comments. Terror and the PCR hysteria are for sure.

I know there are some who claim viruses don't exist. That one, I'm not sure about.

In any case, compared to the 99.9% sheeple, you are very well informed.

On with the good fight! Jeff

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