brags their injections are the variants, investors love it "..data ..from ..pseudovirus ..we have constructed in our labs ..identical with ..Omicron..": https://cnbc.com/2021/12/08/cnbc-transcript-pfizer-chairman-and-ceo-albert-bourla-speaks-with-cnbcs-squawk-box-today.html "..Pfizer CEO: Three Covid shots..": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CIkR4b6JFs "..The Big Lie..": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWo64c3Ypgo

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Yes, shoving it our faces is classic brainwashing.

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• Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Claimed Vaxx Was 90% Effective, Now Almost Useless


• Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Gives His Reason For His Own Vaccine Hesitancy!


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it's an amazing business.. they can keep it going forever..

"..Updated Covid shot should be ready by ‘latter part of September,’ HHS secretary says in letter to manufacturers ..9:02 AM EDT, Thu July 13, 2023..": https://www.cnn.com/2023/07/13/health/covid-19-vaccines-hhs-letter/index.html

"curing" something.. "only in the movies"..

"..Biocyte Pharmaceuticals ..develop a biological weapon to profit from the cure..": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission:_Impossible_2

in the 20th century nobody could imagine getting people to pay to poison themselves more than once a lifetime.. a "VACCINE"(TM) you take every year.. amazing..

"..1796 ..smallpox vaccine ..no supporting data ..tended to increase ..smallpox ..erysipelas ..in vaccinated individuals..": https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-can-the-smallpox-vaccine-disaster

"..1916 .."polio" epidemic ..engineered at the Rockefeller Laboratories ..“accidentally” released..": https://twitter.com/vgclements1/status/1605691559717937152

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Yes, my family members obediently give all the vaccines to their new baby, including covid mRNA, which is now on the CDC schedule.

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Jeff, this is the conditioning/Russian [excuse me] roulette phase – who knows to what extent placebos are in play and what is even in those placebos. I hope your relatives and their infant are okay. My family have all been thoroughly brainwashed (questions are beginning to be asked) and thankfully there have been no dramatic adverse health events. My father who recently passed away (at 101!) received the best of care in his final days and no one in the hospital for his last three weeks took masks seriously. Visiting was virtually unrestricted, although I have other relatives with a parent in a nursing care facility behind virtual Perspex prison bars (now relaxed).

I have just completed watching this magnificent documentary/podcast series ‘The End of COVID”. Yes, they are promoting the sale of various programmes towards the end and give airtime to a few concepts that I am not ready to adopt but the first half of the event where they eviscerate the COVID hoax and germ theory in general is just terrific.

It was free viewing during the rollout (until August 2) but I did purchase the lifetime access at a very reasonable cost of under $100 USD for over 100 hours of viewing). As always, I watched at speed x2.


You can still register for free. At random I would recommend session 72 which really resonated with me:

• 72 The Journey Home – featuring Garret Kramer with Alec Zeck [45:29]


“While due to the circumstances of life, it appears that we’re each on our own personal life journey, what if the actual purpose of such a journey is the same for everyone? What if rather than ascend, evolve, or even take in and grow, we’re meant to question, break down, and shed? What if, right now, we’re truly journeying back home, as one? In this session, Alec is joined by teacher, writer, and speaker, Garret Kramer. Together, they’ll answer these questions and more.”

[my reaction notes: very good opening – in his nature to be sceptical – instinctively knew the COVID project was a hoax]

He recommended Tom Barnett so I went down that rabbit hole





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Thanks, JS,

Yes, I've read articles the current germ theory is a lie, but I'm not convinced. We can see them under microscopes.

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It’s a huge topic isn’t it? A minefield! Hard to be sure one way or the other as we (laymen) have not spent thousands of hours of study and research in that particular field. I am also mindful that we can be led to debate mute points as distractions and this may be one of them. Whatever the truth, ‘science’ has certainly been weaponised and essentially discredited for all time by the COVID hoax.

But if you happen to have registered for free viewing (permanent access for future reference is only $77 USD anyway), please see:

• #7 What's Under the Microscope? – Dr Marizelle (Mari) Arce, John Blaid, Mike Donio and Mike Stone join Jacob Diaz. [1:29:19]


Precis: "What about the particles scientists see under a microscope? In this session Dr. Mari Arce, John Blaid, Mike Donio, and Mike Stone join Jacob Diaz to discuss the problems with electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy as they pertain to viruses."

Supporting Documents:

Electron Microscope Preparation


Limitations of Electron Microscopy


Cell Biology is Currently in Dire Straits


A Serious Indictment of Modern Cell Biology and Neurobiology


The question is – are these people genuine, qualified ‘whistleblowers’ or just trying to deceive us for no reason at all …? They just don’t seem to be pranksters.

As an aside, I recently read “The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio” by Forrest Maready. I never even knew these rabbit holes existed. But then I hadn't given 911 a thought until about five years ago either.


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Good discussion Jeff and James

The mass migration into both Europe and the US is the fulfilment of the Kalergi plan to decimate Western/European civilisation (‘Amalek’). It is well explained here by Mike King.

• The Kalergi Plan — The Plan to destroy the world for the ‘Elites’

(Note the role of Merkel, Macron et al)


They are quite open about it – here is Barbara Lerner Spectre

• Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies


One point of order – there is/was NO virus – the ‘vaccine’ is the bioweapon. To sell the genocidal hoax, all natural deaths were marketed as ‘COVID deaths’. Now that the ‘vaccine’ bioweapons are performing as intended, all bioweapon deaths are now marketed as natural or ‘unexplained’.

The ”exposé“ by the WSJ is mere gaslighting – I agree with Jeffrey Sachs on this point.

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Thanks, JS. I'll let James and Cynthia Chung know.

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Jul 29, 2023·edited Jul 29, 2023

There’s not gonna be a fucking Hague unless we can move hundreds of millions into civil disobedience and/or form an army and kill their armies. Why do we keep saying such things? A the end of the day, there’s no baseline authority or vast movement that’s going to come down on them, as implied by the suggestion?

The cattle will be persistently useless (see: the vast majority of history—if they weren’t permanently that way, we wouldn’t have arrived where we are). And the sliver of people who are supposed to stand up and fix this are 75% those who aren’t doing shit as a matter of self-preservation. It’s all careerism, materialism, narcissism, and apathy for vast swaths of the population, and hopelessness for another significant contingent.

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Ian, James and I agree about the ICC, but it represents a potential, future ideal and gives the public a catchy title to remember.

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