Thank you Jeff Brown for this no-nonsense evaluation of oligarch-owned USA ongoing piracy. Those of us wishing to bring Balance back to human relations can help arrange open public both-sided, equal-time, recorded & published dialogue between US hegemony advocates & such as Iran (Israel target), Argentina, Venezuela. The key to re-establishing the whole world's human engagement is 'Debate' (French 'de' = 'undo' + 'bate' = 'the-fight') COUNCIL-PROCESS during all humanity's worldwide 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') ancestry for many 10s of 1000s of years at least set the stage for peaceful & productive human relations. Western Oligarch US & Canada are colonial puppet regimes to multinational financiers, whose mechanisms are revealed through dialogue. The USA as a violent putsch regime can only maintain its hegemony through monologue control of the narrative. If we all engage in Both-sided, Equal-time, Recorded & Published dialogues /c each other over our own issues & then with opposing individuals, then we lay the cultural ground & expectation for dialogue instead of the present oligarch directed pervasive monologue. People need to hear both-sides in order to contrast & compare & form actionable knowledge. Human mind builds its Information & Knowledge constructs largely through Contrast & Compare aka Dialectic (both-sided) consideration. Whenever there's conflict both at home & worldwide, we've 2 main choices to: 1) believe the finance-media-religion-education-military-industrial-legislative-complex, demonize the other, armour ourselves against our perceived enemies, launch pre-emptive war & create hell, 2) engage the other in formal equal-time recorded & published dialogues.

MONOLOGUE & VIOLENCE AS COWARDICE: Mohandas Gandhi developed 'Satyagraha' (Hindi 'truth-search') based upon simultaneous inquiry /c both parties in dispute or re-search asking, "What are your best intentions & how can we help you fulfill these?". Gandhi, "I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true non-violence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness."

We need transparency in all levels of human solutions at home, school, media, business for all stakeholders. As Socrates proposed, dialectics (both-sided inquiry) should be the foundation of social & economic literacy both for collaborative-research & as necessity may arise for conflict-resolution.

The west plays 'Right-to-Protect' game for 100s of colonial years keeping citizens in the dark staging many 100s of False Flag events, colonial invasion & genocide. NO-WAR until we hear Both-Sides present in Equal-Time, Recorded & Published Debate. Most issues & events in our colonial oligarch manipulated & consumptive world aren’t as they appear. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues

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