I am sure you will both like this lecture by Joachim Pissarro …

• 200 Years of Russian Art | Joachim Pissarro


Russian History Museum has just done a part 2 with Joachim Pissarro (airing today their time) and I expect it to be uploaded to youtube in the next few days. It is titled “Rise and Fall of an Ideology: From Utopia to Dissent”.

You can still register here:


They had announced a talk by Dr. Thomas P. Hodge titled “Ivan Turgenev: Russian Turmoil, Russian Nature” but it must have fallen through or been censored.

Eric would also be interested in the book “Return to Moscow” by Tony Kevin. I just grabbed this review at random …


Here is Tony Kevin talking about his journey and book …

• TONY KEVIN RETURN TO MOSCOW talk Mar 29 2017 smn


As for the rest of the talk, I found much of it to be an inversion of historical reality and I was disappointed.

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