Earlier today I went out to check on my self-sustainability status. It is woeful. Nevertheless, my small and modest, mainly fruit and herb garden, is very cathartically satisfying. Not doing tomatoes and veges this season – not worth competing with the farmers’ direct outlet within a short walking distance.

It is early spring in my part of the world. Recently finished the winter season of (dozens and dozens of) mandarins – now the next season blossoms are swelling – as are the Washington Navel oranges.

Nectarines already flowered and setting. Peaches and apricots in full bloom.

Loquats swelling to half size – ready for harvest late October.

First asparagus shoots emerging.

Raspberries fully leaved and beginning to show fruit. Gooseberries and thornless blackberries beginning to burst into leaf. Strawberries flowering. Mrs S makes the perfect jam – she ‘invented’ the slow cooking method now fashionable

Apples (Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji and Pink Lady) and pears (two x Packham) – all just showing signs of staggered blossom burst.

Rhubarb is continuous (Mrs S makes a lovely apple and rhubarb crumble).

Parsley, oregano and rosemary all over the place (I have a great omelette recipe). Note to self - I need to plant some new basil.

Various chillies nearing end of season.

Lemons from the neighbour’s overhanging tree. New Tahitian lime seedling in full bloom – but main supply is from a neighbour.

We had a yet another great (Kalamata) olive season (Mrs S has the perfect recipe for curing – red wine vinegar and various herbs – fennel, garlic, chilli etc. I do the saline water bathing for a couple of months).

Our (Uzbek) neighbour provides us with honey – my flowers – his bees.

Expecting a good passionfruit crop this year and I might even plant some beetroot (I have a great mustard/malt vinegar recipe).

I have a very small but cramped backyard – but pity those neighbours with a swimming pool!

Almost forgot the three fig trees – two of them babies – keep the other well pruned.

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Sent to Telegram, JS. Thanks.

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I have not read this yet (copy available on archive.org) but it seemed relevant to some of the comments near the end …

• The Racial Elements of European History


What a fascinating topic - I am still buried in the last century.

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Another great guest and superb presentation – inspiring and thought provoking. I have also merely browsed and bookmarked his impressive and comprehensive website – watched a few of the links. Through his lifetime of research, sincerity and living experience, Douglas has provided a wonderful legacy. Well done DJ. Shared.

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Yes, Douglas is a treasure trove. Thanks, JS.

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Could you please post a link to Douglas Jack's website? Thank you.

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Hi, Erwin,

Thanks for reaching out. Here it is,


For future reference, I always put the contact info and related information on the CRRS interview page, and its link is at the bottom of each Substack post.


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