dear jeff j brown,

thank you so very much. we all hold amarynth in our hearts & hope she is safe & in heavenly hands. after hearing no news or response from our beloved host, amarynth, AHH asked us what we as her devoted guests thought we ought to do: close her site with love & profound respect or keep her site going, on her behalf, until the mechanics & installed platform die. we decided to maintain it in her name & as an act of respect for her & her dedication.

AHH as you know is a very busy professional, with a young family, but he has devoted much time & love to seeing amaranth's site continue to bring news from the global south. the thread he has posted, the china thread, he asked us as amarynth's guests to reach out to anyone we thought might be able to contribute to the latest developments in taiwan, & the reaction of those in china or friends/experts in china might be so kind as to bring their knowledge, ideas & views to the thread. AHH's home is west asia & africa, amarynth was the site's expert on china.

why i reached out to you---& i am deeply grateful for your reply...thank you---was that you or some of the other people from your writer's group may be willing to post their opinions & views on the china thread. although AHH hasn't requested this it seems it would be most fortuitous if one or more persons wanted to bring insights & news of china to amarynth's global south. from the news i've read lately, & from things both pepe & ben norton & michael hudson have said...it seems empire is determined to confront china. this build up, the developments, news & views would

be supremely crucial for a site dedicated to the global south & the coming changes.

dear jeff j brown, please, pardon me for reaching out to you, but in all honesty you are the only one i know with the connections & knowledge to introduce friends of china to amarynth's site. she mentioned several times that members of your writer's group would stop by to peruse posts & comments. when i reached out to you my hope was that it mightn't be such a long shot. it seemed/seems entirely possible that your group may have a world of news that we desperately need to read/hear/learn & know.

thank you, again, dear jeff j brown. love & light, louise

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dear China Writer's Group,

DearjJeff J Brown. Global South Co, Amaranth's site ,which AHH is manning in her absence & until her return has posted a thread: entitled: & it's 3 for 3 China.

AHH has requested any one with knowledge of China or are part of the China Writer's Group to contribute knowledge, views & to post in this crucial open thread.

Amarynth always hosted China's perspective & news. its apparent news in China is becoming red hot. AHH's expertise is with West Asia & Africa & explains that China is not his area of expertise. he therefore is appealing to members of the China Writer's Group or experts you feel may have much to contribute to please visit the open thread: it's 3 or 3 China.

dear Jeff j Brown, if there is anyone, you can think of, please, draw this to their attention to this thread on Global South. co. blessings to you, China & dear Amarynth.

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